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Mark Slotkin and Dino Lee aka Mr. Fabulous
Robert Bird, an absolute enigma. In his younger years he took the name of Dino Lee & The White Trash Revue. He was a wild rock and roller in the style of Elvis, but even more outrageous. He made no bones about his good looks, his style of singing and his love for women. Boy, has he changed now! He’s ultra conservative, calm, toned down and his band, Casino Royale plays behind “Mr. Fabulous.” Robert is very calm and collected, extremely polite and loves his antiques. He’s got great taste, but don’t know where he gets it because it can’t have come from his r-n-r days. He and his wife have moved to a 2,000 acre horse ranch in the Oregon countryside to raise his two young children. The house is a Frank Lloyd Wright style house built in the mid 1980s. Our stuff looks great in it. Bob’s leaning toward the Art Deco influence and purchased an Egyptian Revival, heavily inlaid 1920s set that won the Paris Exhibition in 1925, during which the term Art Deco was coined.
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