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THE WEST COAST DONALD: Donald Sterling and I have known each other for well over thirty years. This photo was taken at his annual Malibu BBQ at the end of each summer. He invites the LA Clipper players and a ton of celebrities and people he knows. The guest list is endless, yet the party is impossible to crash. Don has done a great job in rebuilding the Clippers into a contender for the NBA championship. He had a reputation for not spending on the players but that is no longer true as his latest #1 draft pick Blake Griffin from Oklahoma will attest. The Donald takes groups of 50 people or so to each clipper game, feeds them in the luxury box area and then seats them courtside. I have been to many of those “parties,” great fun.

Donald is the largest apartment owner in Los Angeles. The units number well over 50,000 which includes shelters for the homeless and donating medical services for them as well. He is an extremely charitable person.

My daughter bid for four Clipper tickets when her school was raising money at a charity function. The plan was to get an amount over the cost of the tickets and then buy them from The Clipper Office. The difference would go to the school. We won the bid for $350, the tickets would have been $200 for a net of $150 going back to her grade. The Donald donated the tickets and gave us the choice of dates. These are things you don’t hear about but are long remembered. Kudos to the Donald.

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