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The autograph reads “To Mark, and the gates of heaven (or hell).” Sly purchased the gates behind him for his Beverly Hills estate. I explained to him that the gates were bronze and needed a steel surround in order to make them function for his driveway. They were very large and needed support. I offered to do it for him for $8,000. He refused and said he would handle it himself. A few months later I got a call from Sly while he was doing a movie in Canada. It was bitter cold up there and he was miserable which compounded the problem that he couldn’t get the gates to fit. He was very upset, to put it mildly, and accused me of selling him gates that weren’t solid bronze, as if that was the problem. I explained that the gates were solid bronze but they were welded together as any good maker would have had to do because they would be unwieldy if they were in one piece. He wasn’t convinced until I reminded him that anything that is any good never comes easy. We talked about his first movies he did that made him a star. Rocky, First Blood, and Rambo were all difficult to make and sell. After he reflected on that for a while, he agreed he would make another stab at getting the gates done.
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