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Thomas Gottschalk is the German Johnny Carson. He has a talk show that has been running there for over twenty years and is a comedian at heart. He has a house in Malibu, California and commutes to Germany a couple times of month to film a series. He is married to Tia, who is a wonderful with an eccentric laugh. The two of them look and dress like they’re hippy children from the sixties, although this picture doesn’t show it. This photo was taken in our kitchen. Thomas is the second most recognized face in Germany. Can you guess the first?

When Thomas moved into his Malibu home, his children were past the age of using a massive, intricate swing set they owned. I thought it would fit perfectly at our house and could be used by my children. I convinced him that it was an American tradition to pass on swing sets to the next family and it would bring him luck. The congenial Thomas said “I’ll deliver it tomorrow,” which he did, and my kids enjoyed it for many years. It was later passed on to our gardener.

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