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Here I am pictured with Vincent Van Patten of the famous Van Patten family. Vince is currently known as the host of the World Poker Tour.  He has been an actor since childhood and played in They Young and the Restless, Baywatch, The Dirty Dozen, Matlock, The Love Boat and dozens of other movies.  He is also ranked #41 in the world and won on the ATP tour.  We have spent many hours together playing poker, tennis and socializing.  In this picture, he had discovered a snake that had crawled into our backyard during our young daughter’s birthday party.  Fifteen foot yellow pythons are common in our area of Beverly Hills.  Trust me when I tell you that when that snake didn’t want to be handled, it would let you know.  As I recall, twelve kids were petting that python at the same time but I don’t have the photo.
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