5535 Antique Steinway Rosewood Centennial Model D Fancy Concert Grand Piano

Length: 105 in. (266.70 cm)
Country of Origin: USA
Style: Model "D" Grand
Maker: Steinway & Sons
Condition: Restored
Year: 1877
Description: Restoration of this piano (Serial #35820) is now complete. Every part has been worked on. New pin block action strings redone sound board and refinished. The case is absolutely gorgeous. Steinway built only around 400 of these Centennial Concert grand models. It is not known just how many still exist but certainly it cannot number more than 50-100. These are the only full-plate Steinway 'D's built with the gorgeous heavily carved serpentine legs carved case and ornate music rack. Steinway wanted to discontinue the older style Rococo case and make their pianos with the new style turned leg and their newly patented modern action but to commemorate our country's 100th birthday in 1876 they decided to make a one time limited edition of their famous first piano. It was called the Centennial. It featured the old style rococo case with Steinway's new patented action. The edition sold out immediately. The same action is still used today; even 125 years of technological advances couldn't improve upon it.
SKU: 5535
Price: $135,000.00
SKU 5535
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 8'9"L
Product Manufacturer Part Number 5535