5533 Magnificent Antique Steinway Fancy "D" Grand Piano

Length: 105 in. (266.70 cm)
Country of Origin: USA
Style: Victorian - Fancy "D" Grand
Maker: Steinway & Sons
Condition: Restored
Year: 1876
Description: Antique Steinway & Sons model "D" 8'9" Grand Piano (Serial #33108). Complete restoration: new pin block, adjusted action, strings redone, new sound board and a new finish. The case is absolutely gorgeous. The same action is still used today; even 125 years of technological advances couldn't improve upon it. This piano is ready for professional concert play. Eighty-eight keys completely rebuilt with all new German Steinway parts. This fantastic case is rosewood and has a French polish finish. It has inlaid leaves on both sides of piano. The carvings are unsurpassed in beauty and quality.
SKU: 5533
Price: $76,500.00
SKU 5533
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Product Manufacturer Part Number 5533