4597 Beautiful Antique Black Bechstein Grand Piano

Height: 39 in. (99.06 cm)
Width: 59 in. (149.86 cm)
Depth: 84 in. (213.36 cm)
Country of Origin: France
Maker: Bechstein Piano
Condition: Restored
Year: c. 1901
Description: Beautiful antique Bechstein Grand piano serial #60028. This German piano has been completely rebuilt and refinished and has a wonderful deep full sound. It has been completely updated and tunes to 440A current orchestra pitch. The piano has three pedals and an over strung base. It is ready for play. Even the most discerning musician will appreciate it. The Bechstein name is highly desirable and considered one of the best in the business. Matching bench included.

Bechstein Pianos

Carl Bechstein built his first piano in 1853 and soon earned the respect of great piano composers such as Debussy and Liszt. Bechstein Pianos fast became a standard to which all other European pianos attained to.

Within 10 years of its foundation the Bechstein Piano "machine" was employing 130 workers and producing 400 pianos per year. Production of the Bechstein piano range continued to flourish into the 20th century until two world wars crippled the factories. However, by selling shares to the American piano-makers "Baldwin", Bechstein piano production was able to continue again in 1945.

In the 1980s Bechstein regained control of the company by buying back its shares and moving the piano factory back to its original home in Berlin. Bechstein Pianos have since regained their reputation as being amongst the very finest pianos in the world.

SKU: 4597
Price: $31,500.00
SKU 4597
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 39"H x 59"W x 84"D
Product Manufacturer Part Number 4597