4751 Spectacular 19th C. French Aubusson Palace Rug

Width: 24 feet (7.36 m)
Depth: 36 feet (10.97 m)
Country of Origin: France
Style: Aubusson
Condition: Excellent
Year: 19th C.
Description: This is the most spectacular palace sized rug we have ever seen. The brilliance of the colors are as they were when they were first made around 1860. The actual picture does not reveal the 2 ft. plain burgundy border which is tucked under the rug. The rug appears slightly distorted because it is so large that we could not get the best picture.
SKU: 4751
Price: $135,000.00
SKU 4751
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 24'W x 36'D
Product Manufacturer Part Number 4751