7136 Antique Brunswick "New Acme" Pool Table

Height:33 in. (83.82 cm)
Width:109 in. (276.86 cm)
Depth:59 in. (149.86)
Country of Origin:USA
Style:New Acme
Year:c. 1880
Description:The Brunswick "New Acme" model was released in 1880 and was furnished as a carom, or pool table, or both combined. Here is the description from page 5 of the 1882 J.M. Brunswick & Balke Company catalog:

The New Acme is the latest addition to our select styles of billiard and pool tables. It was originally designed to supply a want in private residence trade, but since its exhibition in our showrooms beside the other tables, its novelty in finish, and general attractiveness, have created a decided demand for it among a better class of billiard rooms, and to such trade we commend it as something entirely new and different from what others have, and well qualified to attract customers and retain it.

It is furnished with the Celebrated Monarch Cushions and comes with an outfit of the very best materials.
SKU: 7136
Price: $22,500.00
SKU 7136
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 33" x 109"W x 59"D
Product Manufacturer Part Number 7136