6254 Antique Brunswick Four-Legged "Kling" Table

Height:32 in. (81.28 cm)
Width:110 in. (279.40 cm)
Depth:60 in. (152.40 cm)
Country of Origin:USA
Description:Extremely rare even in the early part of the 20th century, this table is a fine example of design excellence. The three slates are 1 1/2" thick and weigh about 325 lb each. A heavy duty frame is necessary to support such immense weight, and this  ensures playability superior to other tables. Mother-of-pearl inlays surround the cabinet and the stylish blocks that jut out from under the slates give both support and style to this jumbo framed beauty. Ebony straps inlaid onto the flaring legs are accented with pearl inlays on the top and bottom with a neat line down the middle. The rail tops are Brazilian rosewood veneer with inlaid rail sight diamonds. This table achieves a perfect balance of beauty and scale, and seamless incorporation of the periods that influenced its unique design.

Named after the All-star Chicago Baseball catcher “Johnny Kling” 
and 1907 Worlds Champion Pool player, the Kling has the reputation 
of being the finest pool table ever made.  
An unbelievable statement considering the amount of different pool tables manufactured in the last three centuries.  

The Kling is Constructed on massive 14” hand carved bell
shaped elephant style legs.  The 2” X 12” frame and solid 
hardwood blocks makes this jumbo fame the Ultimate in
pool table perfection.  Mother of pearl and ebony inlays
enhance and enrich this time honored classic.
SKU: 6254
Price: $29,250.00
SKU 6254
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 32"H x 110"W x 60"D
Product Manufacturer Part Number 6254