2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Coupe

 Model:612 Scaglietti Coupe
Country of Origin:Italy


Just about everything that prances out of the Ferrari factory these days is weapons-grade sports car chock-full of computerized transmissions and modern race technology. Ferrari is synonymous with incredible leading edge advancements so buyers expect breakthroughs with every new model. That's one reason you haven't been able to buy a Ferrari with a true manual transmission for years. That's too bad because the classic gated shifter and wonderfully weighted stick shift were trademarks of the brand.

The last Ferrari to be offered exclusively with a manual transmission throughout its entire production run was the 550 Maranello. It was a bit of a retro car even at the time. As the successor to the mid-engined Testarossa and 512 TR, the 550 looked back to the Ferraris of the 1960s and early 1970s and brought back the front engine V/12. And what an engine! The big twelve packed 478 hp and 419 lb-ft of torque. Shift the six-speed like a pro and the 550 could hit 60 mph in just over 4 seconds and keep pulling to 199 mph.

The 550 gave way to the 599 and the 4 passenger 612 and the modern era of the paddle shift which soon became the dominant way to change gears. Ferrari and the automotive world in general hasn't looked back since 2005 with very few exceptions. The manual gated gearbox hasn't been available for the V/12 since 2007 where only a few 612's and 599's were made with them during 2005-07. Estimates are at 5% for the production of those two vehicles.

Ferrari hasn’t been looking out for the enthusiasts who helped build the brand. The don’t recognize that Ferraristas still want the power and fluidity produced by the combination of a V12 and that so smooth 6-speed gated gearbox. Ferrari now caters to newbies who can’t get enough sound from the V/8 so they need Tubis, don’t know how to downshift so they use the paddle, and think that owning a Ferrari as status rather than for the pure pleasure of the drive.

Had the new generation of Ferrari owners ever had the chance of driving what the 505 horsepower 612 offers, they’d ditch all that exhaust noise and comfort of the automatic transmission and learn how to drive and enjoy the sound of pure power with all those valves and cylinders, the whine of the transmission, and the feeling for the road that only the manual transmission offers. What’s better than a double clutch downshift from 3rd to 2nd into the apex of a tight curve and powering out of it without hitting the brakes and back to speed again?

The Pinanfarina design of the 612 is one of the most beautiful designs done by their coach works and indeed the most comfortable. Ferrari factory decided to pay homage to its coach builder Scaglietti. It’s roomy, smooth, easy to get in and out, the layout of the interior is easy to read and most important easy to shift. It easily carries four passengers, can achieve speed and handling most sports cars only dream about, and is finished inside with perfection.

Only 3,000 612’s were produced from 2004-2010. with 20% going to the United States that meet EPA & DOT specifications. So, only 600 were imported and few, if any, are available with the coveted manual gearbox.


This black beauty with black leather Daytona seats has only 15,500 miles. Car is loaded with upgraded options. Features include, power seats, carbon ceramic brake system, carbon fiber exterior sill kick, carbon fiber interior trim, HGTE package, cruise control, silver dedication plate, blue tooth interface, Scuderia Ferrari shields, front and rear parking sensors, yellow rev counter, diamond pattern headliner, leather parcel shelf, navigation, red contrast Stitching, custom two piece aluminum and stainless wide set wheels., yellow brake calipers, etc.

No sticky interior and no dash tears or shrinking. It always starts, fluids perfect and all temperatures are normal. The body is perfect as is the paint. No nicks, dents, ripples or smudges. No accidents. Interior is perfect. No wear on the seats or carpets. Transmission shifts smoothly and effortlessly. Engine purrs just like the V/12s are supposed to sound. Factory car cover included. It has a salvage title as it was declared so in the Hurricane Sandy debacle. In reality, it needed little and runs perfectly.

Although the 612 was somewhat under appreciated and overshadowed by the 599 during the production years, it has proven to be extremely reliable and is now highly sought after for several reasons. It is essentially the last 12-cylinder Ferrari production car that was minimally available with a gated manual six-speed transmission, albeit a very rare and tough find. The silky smooth engine and gearbox reminds us of the time when Ferraris were really fun to drive. That combination is what true Ferrari enthusiasts seek. The meshing of 48 valves, 12-cylinders, 4 exhausts and a six-speed transmission make it a fantastic car to drive. You get the real feeling of the road with it. Paddle shifts just don't get it! Ugh!

The maintenance on these cars is indeed low because not much goes wrong with them and the parts are relatively cheap. You rarely see a 612 at any of the Ferrari service centers; that's because a 12-cylinder manual shift combination has proven to be very reliable.

Owners of low mileage 612 with the right color combination and a gated 6 speed can look forward to good appreciation in the future. These specific cars have held their prices and are now on the uptick. The F1 transmission is problematic and has helped reduce the value of the 612 in today’s market.

I looked for three years before finding this beauty. This car is very rare so don't miss out!

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