7697 Rare 20th C. Phoenix Glass Vase with Embossed Seagulls in Flight

Height:11 in. (27.94 cm)
Width:9 in. (22.86 cm)
Depth:3 in. (7.62 cm)
Country of Origin:USA
Style:Art Deco
Maker:Phoenix Glass Company
Year:c. 1933
Description:Magnificent and rare Phoenix Glass decorative vase with embossed seagulls in flight circa 1933.

Phoenix Glass Company (1932-1936) 

Phoenix Glass Company is still located in Monaca, Pennsylvania, but no longer has the facilities to produce hand-made art glass. Phoenix began production of art glass in 1932 when 45-50 molds from the Consolidated Glass Company were moved to Phoenix and used until early 1936. This occurred because Consolidated Glass Company had been forced to shut down because of the Great Depression.

The earliest production at Phoenix was called the "Reuben Line" and originally had oval paper labels on each piece with the wording "PHOENIX GLASS REUBEN LINE." Most of those paper labels have been lost over the years and today the "Reuben Line" pieces are usually identified by the finishing technique. E.G., many of the items in the "Reuben Line" were vases made from Consolidated molds; however, the "Reuben Line" finishes were solid colors (light blue, dark blue (Reuben blue), green, white, yellow, light pink, etc.) hence the "Reuben Line" pieces are quite different in appearance from the pieces made at Consolidated Glass Company (which typically were decorated in bi- or tri-colors on milk glass or custard glass).

Phoenix also designed new molds which became their "Sculptured Art Glass" line. The initial work on that line was done by Kenneth Haley, son of Reuben Haley. The earliest versions of Sculptured Art Glass had silver Phoenix paper labels. Later versions featured gold paper labels. Phoenix produced Sculptured Art Ware on and off into the 1960's. The company is still in business; however, they no longer have hand mold facilities and will never again make Sculptured Art Ware.
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SKU 7697
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 11"H x 9"W
Product Manufacturer Part Number 7697