7152 Magnificent Antique Steinway Model D Grand Piano Serial#6625

Height:41 in. (104.14 cm)
Width:60 in. (152.40 cm)
Depth:108 in. (274.32 cm)
Country of Origin:USA
Maker:Steinway & Sons
Description:This magnificent 1870 Steinway & Sons model “D" New York (8'9" L Serial No. 6625) is ready for professional concert play. 85 Keys completely rebuilt with all new German Steinway parts or equal. This fantastic case is rosewood & has a French polish finish. It has inlaid leaves on both sides of the piano. The carvings are unsurpassed in beauty and quality. Probably the finest piano offered in the United States today. The after market modifications might well have been done by the American cabinet maker Herter Brothers. Even the Steinway label is inlaid wood. The sound of this piano is indescribable. Clear as sound could possibly be. A true concert instrument. 
SKU: 7152
Price: $180,000.00
SKU 7152
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 41"H x 60"W x 108"D
Product Manufacturer Part Number 7152