7736 NAVAL Japanese Silk Embroidery, NAVY Memorabilia, Framed, 1900-1950

Height:46 in. (116.84 cm)
Width:48 in. (121.92 cm)
Depth:2 in. (5.08 cm)
Country of Origin:USA
Style:Military Embroidery
Year:c. 1905
Description:Lovely Original Silk Military Embroidery of Bald Eagle and American Flag with “E. Pluribus Unum” ( a latin phrase meaning “ One from Many”, as the United States was determined to form a single nation from a collection of states) on lower embroidered Sash. Beautifully framed. 

Dimensions: 45” H x 48” W x 2” D
SKU: 7736
Price: $3,375.00
SKU 7736
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 45” H x 48” W x 2” D
Product Manufacturer Part Number 7736