C0131 Proof Shield Nickel, 1878 5C PR67 PCGS

Country of Origin:USA
Certification No.:PCGS 3832.67/25664564
Description:1878 5C PR67 PCGSThe second of two proof-only issues in the Shield nickel series, essential for a complete date collection. This Superb Gem displays a balance of radiant luster and mirror like reflectivity, leaning slightly toward the latter in the fields and the former on the devices. The strike is bold and the coin is devoid of distractions. Could very well be a cameo candidate.

Population: 17 in 67, 2 in 67+, 4 in 67 Cameo, 1 in 67 DC.
SKU: C0131
Price: $4,050.00
SKU C0131
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Product Manufacturer Part Number C0131