6375 Spectacular Art Deco Sculpture "Fish Screen" by Edgar Brandt

Height:21 in. (53.34 cm)
Width:27 in. (68.58 cm)
Depth:9 in. (22.86 cm)
Country of Origin:France
Style:Art Deco
Maker:Edgar Brandt
Year:20th C.
Description:Spectacular Art Deco sculpture "Fish" fire screen by Edgar Brandt. Today three quarters of a century later the finest pieces in the Art Deco style have been brought back to life. A select grouping of masterpiece chryselephantine sculptures has been lovingly and painstakingly recreated by expert craftsmen using the original molds by the artists of that time period. Not a curve, a glance, or a nuance is lost. It presents a marvelous opportunity for anyone who appreciates the ultimate in Art Deco to possess a classic work of art for a price that is affordable. Today, the originals of these rare sculptures sell for $500,000 to $1,000,000 if you could find them.

No two figures are quite the same. Ivory is exquisitely hand carved and frequently tinted producing a variety of different emotions and expressions. Bronze is colored through application of patina or cold painting. Effects achieved are often of classic proportions with richness, fleshiness and opulence that simply have no equal. Such talents as Chiparus, Colinet, Preiss and Poertzel worked their magic in the same way.

. Every care is taken to replicate the processes and finish chase work of the original craftsmen. Additionally many varied techniques are employed to produce a variety of polychrome finishes each piece requires. Bases are made using marble and onyx from the design originally produced in Europe after the First World War.

Antiquarian Traders has acquired these great sculptures and will sell these limited edition pieces after which the molds for these will be destroyed. Each sculpture bares the artist's signature and is an exact replica of the original.
SKU: 6375
Sale Price: $6,750.00
SKU 6375
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 21"H x 27"W x 9"D
Product Manufacturer Part Number 6375