4086 Bronze Group Entitled "Gloria Victis" the Winged Victory"

Height:102 in. (259.08 cm)
Country of Origin:France
Year:19th C.
Description:"Gloria Victis" The Winged Victory, wearing a breastplate and balancing on one foot, carrying the nude wounded warrior with his broken sword. 

Marius-Jean-Antonin Mercié was a student at the French Academy of Rome when the Prussians invaded France in 1870.  Not long after the war had begun, he executed a group with a figure of Fame supporting a victorious soldier.  When news reached Mercié in Rome that the French had surrendered, he decided to alter his group, replacing the victorious soldier with a defeated one one thus transforming an allegory of Glory to the Victors into one of Glory to the Vanquished.  The figure of the fallen solider was thought to represent Henri Regnault, a fellow sculptor of Mercié who was killed on the last day of the war.  The full size plaster model of Gloria Victis was exhibited at the Salon of 1874, winning the Medaille d'Honneur and critical acclaim.  It was then purchased by the City of Paris for the sum of twelve thousand francs, and then cast in bronze by Victor Thiébaut for eight thousand francs.  The original bronze is now placed in central courtyard at the Hôtel de Ville. The plaster version was re-exhibited the Exposition Universalle of 1878, alongside the bronze reductions of the group by Barbedienne. Mercié modern sculpture became an instant classic, additionally receiving an entry in the Nouveau Larousse Ilustré.  Gloria Victis was admired on both an aesthetic and patriotic level, commemorating heroism even in defeat.  Gloria Victis was influential in the creation of later works, including Rodin's Call to Arms.

Antiquarian Traders offers this breathtaking 8'6" statue, cast in this grand scale in a very limited edition and is no longer available.  The quality is exceptional, and it is almost impossible to find.
SKU: 4086
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SKU 4086
Manufacturer Antiquarian Traders
Dimensions 8'6"H
Product Manufacturer Part Number 4086